Cyprus faced the modern energy challenges.

Cyprus faced the modern energy challenges.

The European Commission assessed how EU States are implementing the energy and climate goals set by 2030. Cyprus still has a lot to work on.

The European Commission believes that the member states could adopt stronger measures that should guarantee the achievement of the targeted policy goals by 2030. The European Commission also asks for clarification on how exactly do they plan to achieve a reduction in gas emissions by 13%, and what needs to be done to guarantee 42% of renewable energy sources by 2030.

Individual recommendations for implementing the goals of the Energy Union were sent to the governments of all EU countries.

Cyprus needs to increase the projected share of alternative energy sources by 23%, as well as more precisely describe how the country plans to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reduce the energy consumption of all kinds. In addition, Cyprus is recommended to set long-term goals for the unification of the market, especially for the sale of natural gas.

Cyprus should not forget about cooperation with Greece, and also learn from the experience of other island regions that face similar problems in the energy sector.

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